Beth Gadd is a Yorkshire based Visual Artist, specialising in 3D. After spending her twenties painting portraits and landscapes, she decided to formally train as an artist.
Whilst undertaking a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Leeds College of Art, her inner feminist woke up, coupled with an interest in broader social issues, leading to a huge change within her practice.
Upon graduating in 2011, Beth became a member of East Street Arts, with whom she holds a studio. She is an artist member of Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London.


Artist Statement
Using themes such as objectification, and the psychological, I explore what makes us human. Influenced by the writings of Julia Kristeva, I look into the darker side of our minds.​
My work deals with the self, and the effect that living in our current society has on us as individuals and social groups. I am fascinated by the physical aspect of this, and respond to issues such as size zero culture, and what is typically considered to be 'ugly'. I favour abject materials, including wax and latex, and often experiment with less traditional mediums.
Understanding the sensitive nature of these themes, I often add humour to my work to help my audience engage on a visual and emotional level. The often performative creative process reflects in my work and adds elements of interaction.

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2011, Leeds College of Art, Leeds

Access to HE, 2008, Leeds College of Art, Leeds                                                     





Seduction & Desire, Espacio Gallery, London, 2016
Confluence, Espacio Gallery, London, 2015
Mono, Espacio Gallery, London, 2015


Convergence, Espacio Gallery, London, 2015
Chimera, Espacio Gallery, London, 2014
Studio 21, Patrick Studios, Leeds, 2014

Flesh, Espacio Gallery, London, 2014


Pop Up Sculpture Show, Trinity Church, Leeds, 2014


Members Show, Mexico Project Space, Leeds, 2014


Learn from your mistakes,  touring to Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego and New York. Part of the permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library, New York, 2013/14


Heaven & Hell, Espacio Gallery, London, 2014


Translated State - The Essence of an Industry, ​Corn Exchange, Leeds, 2013


Vantage:Rez, Ellington House, Leeds, 2013

Inkwell Arts Mayday Show, Inkwell Arts, Leeds, 2013

Performer for Carapaces,  2013 by Emily Speed. This work was nominated for the Northern Art Prize 2013​

ESTJ#1/INFP#2, Red Door Gallery, Leeds, March 2013
Tacit Knowledge, The Old Truman Brewery, London, July 2011 ​
Tacit Knowledge, Leeds College of Art, Leeds, June 2011
​Three, Red Eric Studios, Leeds, September 2010
Lost Property, Leeds Shopping Plaza, Leeds, 2010
Welcome!, Umbrella, Leeds, 2010
Site, Thwaite Water Mill, Leeds, 2009
Here We Come, Leeds College of Art, Leeds, 2008
   ​​PPrizes and Awards 

Shortlisted for Vantage Art Prize 2013       :: 


Interviews & Publications

​​Antibody Magazine, Issue 1:


Heaven & Hell  Catalogue:


Flesh  Catalogue: